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I make the BEST worst music, including GANGSTEST, a not-at-all-fake-anymore rap double-album available for free at

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I like my championship belts like I likes my women: CHUNKY and ORNATE. #PuroresuShop

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For our second wedding anniversary (cotton), got me a giant fleece blanket with on it.

All I got her was a sketch-on-fabric from the guys to make into a scarf. At least I'm winning on boner count!

Secret #NYCC Banner Batman

Secret #NYCC Banner Batman

A wild Liefeld appears!


About 30 people just poured in. #NYCC #uhoh #REAL

Oh I'm so going to drink their water... #NYCC



Actually a real thing! #NYCC

Goddamn beautiful midnight view from this apartment window, though.

Oh hey #NYCC. How you doin'? #startingtofeelrealnow

Oh hey there, news article about NYCC that lists me by name...

Dear : You guys. You guys are just the best. #KOT14

And a little of that zoomin' in detail work for you. #KOT14

And a little of that zoomin' in detail work for you. #KOT14


My wife was kind enough to take a good picture of 's celebration while I was busy clapping. #KOT14