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So Thor has shipped & no2 I'm waiting on Loki. It's OK - he's worth the wait! #BobbleBrothers

Looks like Walmart is getting ready for #IronMan Woo-hoo! Sept. 24th!

And this gives life to thee. Indeed, Sir. Indeed.

Thor, stop & think. It's not their fault that they love me more, brother. They just can't help it. Happy #Thorsday

So, today at 1pm EST we get a chance to ask how he got that lip scar. Hmm, think he'll answer?

Remembering the victims & hero's of 9/11.

Why hello, September! #HiddlesDeskCalendar

Just ordered my #PanAm bag for #London2014 Woo-hoo! #ClassicCool

Tie-dyed hippie cupcakes for bake sale tomorrow #GroovyBaby

Care if I give you a ring, Darling? In England #BuschGardens #WilliamsburgVA

Oh, the life of a turtle! #BuschGardens #WilliamsburgVA

The buffets are are shaped like ships #CaptainGeorgesSeafood #WilliamsburgVA

OK. Never saw this before, but Tony: WTH are you doing??

And how the hell did I miss this one? #IAmTom And I am burdened with glorious purpose.

#IAmTom She doesn't even know about the little ring in my pocket, does she....

#IAmTom Timeout, Darling! I know you're my biggest fan, but please let me just tell you how much I adore you!

Why, hello there, Mr. August! Aren't you looking dapper today? #HiddlesDeskCalendar

And this one is pretty badass, too!

Loving the new metal poster for my fan cave #ShakespeareSunday

Newest addition to my #LittleHiddles collection courtesy of #Coriolanus SO cute in the fan cave!