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A Snow White Westlake:

Crazy night: Military style shouting/hazing from Belltown Station #2 is a class getting hosed down:

I think is on take 5 now:

Great view from the Broadway transit station's big red wall:

Great view from the Broadway transit station's big red wall:

Here's a panorama of the crowd on Broadway waiting for music video:

Mmm... Deep Fried Lasagna. If Sabarro ate itself, this is what it would taste like. #BiteOfSeattle

love your #Car2GoPRO quiz. Good info

Uhh, Seattle, I'd give up on any mode of travel that's not legs or a bicycle. Have patience out there:

Want last 6 months of ? Free to good home, I'll deliver:

So a taco and a sombrero walk into a fooseball table:

Seattle #sunset view today from the Space Needle:

Spotted a "Believe in Boston" flag out on 50th in Wallingford

A dozen men on the roof of a LQA building putting out a fire:

Man, the weather really has it in for Eastlake right now:

The gigantic cinnamon bun. How big? This big:

Irony: My new #DoctorWho Sonic Screwdriver requires a philips screwdriver to operate:

Painter finishing up the 's rooftop forest mural. Goodbye 'galaxy gold':

#N64 Would. you. like. to. play. a. game?

General #Sandy consensus from ATL airport: DC & NY flights cancelled: