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Christian, KU Basketball, Soccer, Physics, Disc Golf - In that order. Baseball is (arguably) not a sport.

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Operation stewart little is complete. caught the mouse in our basement. Now what?

Really wanted to go to the beach this summer, just didn't know I had to make my own...#porchbuilding #wheelbarrowwoes

Playing with the LEGO Mindstorm kits. So much fun. #beingakidagain legos are ridiculous now.

First homemade gyros. Nonnom #greekfood

I love free food. Krebiel

Nothing like some disc golf in great weather right before a may snow... #kansasweather

Feels good to be back. Officially a new season with ku losing and this being my first game of the season.

Chicken Tikka Masala. Thanks for introducing me to this awesome dish. I need to make more curry dishes.

Working on the robot, competition starts tomorrow. #ultimateascent #FRC #Team1710

look what came in the mail during the #SKC game! #seasonticketholder

Who said adults can't have fun on a snow day. #snowday #snowfort over 6' tall with cup holders.

Got a new jacket online and this is what they send me.... this is what happens when I shop for clothes #fail

Feels good to be home in the best home court - #AFH. This wil be a great game. #RCJH #kubball

My office for three days, feel free to join. Office hours 830-4. #colorado

Broke down and bought fifa 13... There goes the whole break.

Feels good to be back in #AFH to watch some #kubball. Rock chalk.

Disc golfing in golden gate park...lots of trees means lots of extra strokes and disc character.

"Secret Breakfast" ice cream - bourbon and corn flakes. Pretty amazing actually.

We need these in schools for all the annoying kids. #thehole

Farmers market breakfast. Porchetta sandwich.

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