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you probably are not clicking “tweets and replies”, as circled here. if you do, you will see all tweets

checkout this dude’s face when busta came out during your set:

are you sure, here’s what we get from the link you sent:

despite checking a bunch of songs, nothing appears under “albums” or “artists” on desktop:

. - this is where we supposedly transferred/saved starred songs. notice how they do not appear:

Example of Extreme right wing trivialization of Holocaust. We don’t like Obama, but he doesn’t have Hitler’s agenda:

….cause it’s like that, and that’s the way that it is:

Can you guess which is Jewish terrorist David Haivri vs. Islamic terrorist Tehreek-e-Taliban? We can’t! #FacesOfEvil

Can you guess which one is Jewish terrorist David Haivri vs. Islamic terrorist Tehreek-e-Taliban? Neither can we!

Beware of Joel Leyden, trying to scam Israel supporters out of $10K - for more info, plz see: http://is.gd/LeydenFraud

Scam alert - read TRUTH here: http://is.gd/LeydenFraud #scams #fraud #abuse #israel #jews #jewish #pray4phillipines

“Phillip Pasmanic” and his fake “Israel and Stuff” site harass friends of Israel. Read more: http://is.gd/pasfraud

one of the best quotes. very important for ppl like to try to live by it. sadly, few do

Please beware of ’s shoddy Knesset coverage, done by who’s lied at least twice in 2 days:

This is going to all who support Pasmanick’s harassment & defamation. But it could go to anyone who remains silent:

. Here equates Hamas, PFLP, and Hezbollah with “humanity” and Israel with “thuggery:

. Here’s supporting antisemitic pro-Hamas site (& “palestinian” link shortener):

Weirdo Phillip Pasmanick continues defamation & harassment campaign, attacking us with antisemitic & homophobic vid: