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i seem to always walk in the wrong direction then look like an idiot when i turn around and walk the other way

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I have a rash, jokes include 'rash brown' 'im a RASHonal person' 'rash girl' 'it's a scar, its a sunburn, lol jks it's a rash'

me: *grabs laptop* sister: "no I need it" me: "because one computer isn't enough you need need three?"

classic brown family bathroom. guess that my sisters pre's werent very classy.... at all

having a casual snack stash as your bed side table. win for me I think

best tattoo ever? my sister got where's Wally under her big toe

so I'm actually doing like legit maths home work! but I couldn't do it with out the help of my best friend

plants in cupcake liners? why the fuck not. I love how our world is advancing!

I asked my friend if she could study for me. I don't know anything but atleast I have hand written notes

I refuse to be sick so I'm taking it to the pills. Work your magic codril day and night, ease a cold and panadol tablets

just casually shaking hands with Chris Lilly. What of it?

went to the docklands fireworks. they were sooooo cool. beat fireworks I've seen

my sister made the coffee look like a tulip. good thing she was an art student. mlc does make work relate to practical life.

really bored so I thought I'd take a photo. this is my tv, it's called Harry. me and Harry are best friends. no one comes between us!

I guess it was too expensive for MLC to write the all bit of basketball

so my ear looks kinda red and fat but fuck it, I got my rook pierced, what off it?

what else are you meant to do when you find a whole lot of marsking tape???

the shredder is having a pms fit and decided to stop working so I said "fuck you" and now it's my foot rest

just casually playing guitar on my roof while singing bible versus from the 'Good news Bible'

drinking a slab of monster energy shots and not udl's because not only are epic but we're also obeying the law

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