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It's not going to be an orgy. It's a toga party. White Sox fan, beer fan, Zeppelin junkie. Blackhawks & Bears fan, too. I loooooveee baseball.

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this honestly isn't acceptable on a work day during commuting hours.

This. Is. Awesome. My kind of award!

Nice. Is parking in the rear?

my prized collection!

it's too bad you weren't wearing this shirt when you saw

Here are how many fucks I give about the Home Run Derby. #asg


Just a very little taste of the Jameson's Rarest Vintage. Must make it last!

Went to a record store in Paris. Picked up two new albums. #fb

Chillin on steps on our last night in Paris.Recognize the street?It's where Gil waited for th taxi in Midnight in Paris

Hey! I found Waldo. Turns out he was in the Latin Quarter of Paris this whole time #paris10years

For r last day in Paris, we got a bottle of wine,a baguette & some croissants & sat in the Champs de Mars #paris10years

Our last day in Paris. Au revoir, Paris! Tu vas me manquer. :( #paris10years

Napoleon III's dining room. You could have a guest or two over for dinner. #paris10years #louvre

This painting is HUGE. That woman in the pic is standing right in front of it. #louvre #paris10years

Hey, I know that chick. #paris10years #louvre #monalisa

Man! Centaurs get all the chicks. #louvre #paris10years


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? #paris10years

I searched high and low in France to find Pietra beer and I found it in a remote bar in Montmartre. C'est ci bon!