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How I felt last night after my first clean shave in months #Movember

this combo lunch/chip run is #ChipRunMafia APPROVED #Down

As per Ryan's request #ChipRunMafia cc:

YES! Only the blue stuff though.

what I think of

So what do y'all say? Shall we seek the ultimate power that is rink/truck fries??

Awww jeah! Featured on CSSFaces! cc: #Heisenberg #BreakingBad http://cssfaces.com/

Anyone up for lunch today?? #ScumbagRogan

Apparently my last payment was made 2012 years ago. Good job Bell billing #PerfectAccuracy

A typical beautiful summer's morning in Eastern Passage

what I *can* tell you is that the MAYOR is in the house! #ThatsMe

#ThatFeel when the house you put an offer on officially changes status to "SOLD" on Viewpoint

After being in the housing market for a couple months...

Hey … just thought I'd let you know… I'm going to tonight #DickMove #IFedPeanutButterToAHorse

Trying to get on cityandcolour.com for The Hurry and the Harm pre-sale… #Slow #Errors

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