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Feeding these stray kittens? >>>>>>

Breakfast at my favorite homestyle diner in DC... small spot, very low key. Great food. Salmon cakes, eggs w/cheese= :D

Myself & chopping it up at . Much respect to . "We gon kill it!" #WinnersCircle

Mean sunset... Heavy planning. #ShowTime

Yo the homie chilling at the crib with our cat "Nibbles"... Smh I pity the cat, such a dumb name lol

I'm bout to PUNISH this eggnog!! man I feel so bad. I just wanna drink the WHOLE thing... *deep breaths* #Moderation :D

Now we're playing golf lol I, know ALL their names too... I LOVE kids!!


1 more mile till the road runs out... I think I understand now. , we almost there. [swimgood]

LOL!!!! #LoveAtFirstSLICE SMH :) :D XD

This is the authentic "i haven't eaten since yesterday, SO I'm bout to tear this french toast UPPPPP" face LOL!! :D

these shoes from your tumblr... what make/brand are they?

#NowPlaying - "AppleTree" #OhThePlacesWeWillGo #Tokyo I'll take my little sister with me. lil baka :)

#PlacesIWILLGoBeforeIDie Rio De Janero, BRAZIL... I've told my 4th video will be filmed there. #GoTeamGo!

#PlacesIWILLGoBeforeIDie I MUST go see the Lourve... lucky lucky has been... *pouts* she goes EVERYWHERE lol

EEeeeeeaazzzzzyyy LOL >:D I [HEART] Endorphins hahaha #TotalGrind We work HARD. Now back to #BlessedLife

#JavQuotes "I feel STUUUUPID dumb strong" or "I feel like the young black superman" hahaha I feel good tho #SimpleJoys

Almost done... see the finish :D

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