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Carer in my family home. Award winning Social Documentary Photographer. Member of http://www.aletheiaphotos.com & creator of http://smalltowninertia.co.uk

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“Last year was the worst ever really, especially at the gym when I had a seizure and fell off the treadmill and cut my head open, then the time at work, then my hernia, then the pneumonia. At least I was willing to go back to the gym, to try again, I had the guts for that at least.”

The last few months have been a tumultuous time for Simon. His seizures, both Nocturnal and Atonic grew in frequency and severity resulting in numerous injuries.

As a result his visits and stays in hospital increased. His medication was constantly adjusted to try to tackle a situation spiralling ever out of control. Through it all Simon was stoic and strong, refusing to let his epilepsy beat him.

During one of Simon’s visits with his local GP his Doctor informed him of a procedure called V.N.S Vegas Nerve Stimulation or Vegas Nerve Therapy and proposed the option to have a small device implanted within his body that could reduce, even cease his seizures entirely.

Full story now live :


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When I first began documenting David, it was weeks after he came out of hospital, he was in shock and suicidal. 2 and a half years later it's my belief he was still in that state.

When I approached him with the idea of trying to fundraise for him, to get the SARA he said yes but I could tell he was forcing himself not to believe it might work, for to hope and to be let down again would have been too much for him to bare but I could see flickers of hope in his eyes, in the smallest of fragile smiles.

My unreserved thanks to all of you for helping. This gift to David is so much more than just a text to audio scanner, we've shown him the world cares, people cares, that he matters, that he exists, that when his sight died, he remained, he is here with us. That gift money can't buy.

Last week when I told him we were half way I saw the first real smiles I've ever seen upon David's face... imagine next week when I tell him friends from all over the world have donated, supported and shared and collectively fought to free him from the black!

You are ALL amazing, thank you.

The full credit, I feel goes to David himself, from the depths of what must be hell, he invested his trust in me, to let me into that abyss to document and then share it with you, for passing his story on from the frontlines of his own tragedy and isolation to all of you.

David, this is for you. X

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Day 2 of 45 & $1,158 of the $3,200 needed funded! I can't stress enough how doing this, collectively, together will transform David's life, you can see the hope within the faint flicker of his smile in the video below.


Please share & #RT, the faster this goes viral the faster we can raise the £ and $ to change David's life & WE will have made that difference together. #collective #community #power #hopemob

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Thank you for the story spotlight Fantastic! Almost 1/4 funded in Day 1 https://hopemob.org/s/1j0-postcards-from-the-black-audio-scanner-for-david

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$456 of the $3,200 needed funded and day 1 not over yet. Rock n roll. I can't stress enough how doing this, collectively, together will transform David's life, you can see the hope within the faint flicker of his smile in the video below.


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Some of Tilney1's work. His life will be the focus of my first book with Cafe Royal Books. I'm going to include some of his work within the book as :

A/ He's brilliant and including his words/art adds context, brings you closer to him and he to you.

B/ HE fucking deserves it, his work is from the trenches, a resistance. I'm so proud to know and document him.

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Bingo! Found it! I may put on hold the zine and the repairs (replacement!) to our bus to try and raise the cash to get David one! He was an avid book collector before his accident and misses reading so desperately, every night he sleeps in his room and it's filled floor to hip high with his book collection, now the rest there unopened and covered in dust, a tragedy.

Going to have a chat with him RE the idea next week.

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B/W of a portrait of David from yesterdays 15 min visit. How to choose?!

RE colour imaging and SOOC : maybe this is my reaction to how much 'editing' there has been in photojournalism lately, I'm not sure. It's sure something that I've been thinking a lot about lately though, shooting in actual light, natural light... then making that actual light... more... electronically!, I'd never add more words to an interview to make it's impact stronger... so why an image?

Is electronic post production synonymous and inseparable with photography now? can I make images without Photoshop?... should I?...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm right or wrong as I don't know myself!... all just thoughts... and felt good to shoot and edit and share this way, in a real way it's felt... honester. Been thinking a lot mostly as I've barely been able to get out and shoot at all this year, so thanks for sticking with me! New website coming soon : )

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Another #DSLR #SOOC example. Helena. #SmallTownInertia

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Another #DSLR #SOOC example. Eugene from yesterday. #SmallTownInertia

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More experiments with fonts upon mock up cover for the zerox zine I've been playing with.

Helvetica has been suggested by a few good folk (Even I suggested it to myself!) It's certainly interesting and not wholly unsurprising to see the reactions type faces/fonts can instigate and good to have some to and fro about the issue.

Cheers all!

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£25 Print Sale : All proceeds go to The

This photocopy was exhibited in the last http://www.facebook.com/ThePhotocopyClub show and will be mailed out rolled and in a tough tube!.

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Mock cover for short run zerox printed B&W film shot zine for Small Town Inertia. If I raise funds I may make 1 per 1/4. Would feature portraits, stories of & words/art from all those featured within the series.

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Still toying around with mock ups for zine covers, though any resulting issues will be rendered in mono.

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After a brutal year in 2012 involving numerous hospitalizations as a result of his Epilepsy Simon has decided to have a treatment called Vagus nerve stimulation therapy, Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy uses a small generator that is implanted under the skin below the collar bone. This is connected to a lead with two coils at one end. These coils are wrapped around the Vagus nerve at the side of the neck, under the skin, during a small operation.

The generator sends electrical impulses, at intervals, to the vagus nerve and then to the brain. This helps to lessen how often the seizures happen and how severe the seizures are.

I'll be following events and a new series update will follow in coming weeks.

Small Town Inertia : Simon : Living with Epilepsy

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Small Town inertia Tilney1 Feb 2013

New story update soon.

"If they put me on Job - seekers there's no way I could survive, I would just be completely and utterly suicidal and I'll tell them that..."

Tilney1 talking about his fears of potentially having his Incapacity Benefit changed after receiving a letter in the mail. Often these letters are difficult to understand, a call to his CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) should be able to clarify the situation and help to inform him of any actual changes to his Benefits. Nothing however can erase the terror and confusion he endures when these letters arrive.

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Sura & me out for a walk today, she's getting much better now, almost healed! Taken by mon amour

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Small Town Inertia : British Journal of Photography

A little preview of the current edition of the British Journal of Photography.

Featured as 1 of 20 photographers to watch in 2013. Would and could not of happened without the people within every story and the amazing support from so many friends and peers this year. My endless thanks to you all. (Thanks to for the photos!)

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This wolf eats fascists! Sura recovering in Shirt Printsale for Vet's bill http://twitpic.com/briu49

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Sura's poor tummy. Can't get through life without any scars can we?

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