I'm a full time carer for my dad (Paralyzed/partially sighted). Love photography, reading, art, keep fit, music, movies/tvshows and xbox 360/ps3.

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Watching one of my favorite Bonds. "Do you expect me to talk?"

Iron Man and and Serenity. Serenity FTW! :D

Happy Friday the 13th all ;) Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma

Extra 100 disney points for John Carter. Just added this and the Muppets. That's another free Blu to choose :D

Yes! It's always nice to come across Xena fans :D One of the best things I own is this Xena dvd set

Rome Carter

Indy blu Digi

Amazon de Indy jumbo steelbook

That's me hit 4000 DVD/HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. My first DVD was Gladiator and number 4000 is Legend on blu.

Free movie/doc on xbox live (in hd) for a limited time.

I'll reply to your YT post later mate. Just wanted to let you know this is free on xbox live in HD

If you look at my page from my account. I have 12. But you wont see the last 2?

Got the PC for a few to double check incase I missed the tab. But nope. This is what I see

Blu Monday. £14.99/3.60.

New blu. 80s classic :D

Some more £5 blu's from Asda and 2 early muppets movies with Disney reward points.

New books and blu's

New movies.

Hi Ray mate. Yes I've heard about 2099. I have some early poster art for it here. It sounds ace :D