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No weapon formed against me shall prosper. -Isaiah 54:17 ♥

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Do NOT text my phone acting like you've never been to school before...

Hoes deserve a serious ass whoopin'. I would cry myself to sleep every night if I had a daughter like this.. #tragic

This was my life at one point. McDonalds, I miss you.

You emotional hoes disgust me. Aren't you like.. 12, though? Oh, Lawd. #tragic

My twin. #throwbackthursday

My twin. #throwbackthursday

You're like,12? Webster hoes.. smh. Emotional hoes.. smh. #tragic

Emotional hoes. You're like, 12.. Dude broke your heart? Suck a dick and eat a toe, stfu. #tragic

So, I wear a size 17, he wears a size 7..

Yep, I wear a size 17.

Do NOT wears uggs and shorts. Why would her momma let her do that? #tragic

There are five things wrong with this: 1. "LMS" 2. Hashtag 3. YOLO 4. ____Gang 5. Facebook

Mannnn, this is just tragic. All I can do is pray. Oh, lawd.

Scripture of the day.

Why though?

Jeremiah 29:11

I've been in way too many weddings. First one. #throwbackthursday

My mom drove 90mph the whole way home, lbvs.

#WhoeverSaid wearing your hair like this makes you fresh had no sense of style. This is ugly af.. and on a girl?

My momma and daddy cute though. I love them.

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