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Im jake a guy that likes art , i was formally known as @RoyalAE but i changed it, i also use PAINT TOOL SAI for my digital art

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Just some editing:)

Because..... robot

Cause i was asked to show the swords .., quick 2 minute sketch of what the swords look like sheathed/unsheathed

Oh and i forgot to upload this, i added some shadding to give it depth, from now on you can consider this done

Lol takes 3 times to fix the pose but only once to fix the design xD anyways not so step by step

Annnnnnnd then there was color!

Ehh more or less finished the sketch, i was too lazy to redraw the sketch so i just rushed it ,oh and sorry for low quality, i started on a small format and never increased it :/

Anotherr sketch! Did this on the way to my moms house , short drive x) Anyways ill finish it later


Quick one while studying for finals

15 minute sketch , im boredddddd

Gave it that royal touch ;)

Lol you guys know me i always go over and edit when i like something well heres the hopefully finished version :)

Quick random sketch

This is how i do it, you might have to view it fullscreen

Sketch , holy warrior :) enjoy and rt if you like it

Felt like this was necessary , practice guys.. practice

Quick sketch before bed :)

Reuploading because last one was low quality

Btw this was the original sketch so if you were wondering why the helm was a bit slanted, heres why