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Odds are I'll like you. I do graphic design and love music, my iphone, laughing, sarcasm, playing music, concerts, Honor Society, & Action Item.

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Meet the Okapi... Has a head like a giraffe, a body like a horse, stripes like a zebra, & a long blue tongue. Only 15k of them roam Africa.

Hmmm "over you" just played at the mall :)

Look at what I got in the mail today :) a VIP ticket to see in Pontiac :)

Hey I just found your next leather jacket... I have a feeling pink is a good color on you... ;)

Super fresh haircut. Hello bangs. It's been awhile!

Out on the lake again! I could do this everyday!

Woody, get off the computer you spider monkey you... Geeze what do you think it is, a toy!? Pppft.

Woody got out of control. Rules need to be made here or it could get out of hand lol

Woody is the planking master...

Don't think anyone's planked on this before. Gooo woody!

Woody really needs to get some new best fiends... The bottle really doesn't have your back bro.

My little penguin buddy.

I found your shoes.... Heh

Car in front of moves... We see this and freak out. Nbd.

This is and her new buddy... It likes her for her seeds... User.

Helleur nc :)

Bahahahahahahshahahahahahaha dying.

:) yumm

Better picture of my new hair color :)

Wtf am I, a dog bed? Silly pups...