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Patience is a virtue!! Lololololol I feel like the Truman show. No fair. Lololololol. We'd post up here

If nothing else, save me from the Jew food. Ewww lol

You have such great ideas babe! :) shoutout to the bosses bosses!! Lololol ": interesting"

This was where I slept in '10 :) ": I don't wanna braaaaaaaaag"

I knew they had to be a weird couple Lololololol look at their face tho! Phew

Samsies :)
Banana creme is my fav tho :) ": just finished dessert....everyones happy."

It's dark here I'm 2 hrs away from there ": Waiting for the sunset."

The Brilliants I'm coming to see you next week. We'll drive up to new jersey. You get the party started :)

Love crossing that 7mi bridge tho! we are gonna laugh so hard I'm dying!

Secret hiding spots are the shit lol this was from the Armenian who I met NYE #jewelerfamily

Colorado w the made men! ppl were biking up that. I was like...hmm. nope lol

I used to do puppy therapy if I was having a bad day Lololol they were soo cuteee

It was interactive yo I know everyones business bc these hoes snitch daily LOLOL

:) found this at the dollar store LOLOL ": Not everyone will get this ..."

So sticky my fingers are all gummy beary ok its Michael Joseph Manzo first. MJM casino shit #pause

I want a black kitty like mercy and name her susu... so when I come home, I say 'sususususususu'&bells ring

It's 420 somewhere fuck it! I'm happiest at night FYI lol I'm a night owl. Team cat naps

1st evo pic ": “: Sometimes you just gotta pause, and realize how good u have it”"

Can't wait to bring Bikram yoga back home meet the fockers style Lololololol bad angle btw. Abs way better