I love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I'd love to punch in the face.

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This is brilliant!

Leon looks fit as fuck in this picture. Makes me looks special needs but I don't care. Fit boyfriend alert!

A pot full of snot #grossscience

I have my very own Jedi and I love him

Spongebob Christmas cracker hat! Woohoo!

I found these antlers at work and as there's no one else in, I felt the need to put them on #merrychristmas

Romance ain't dead, people! #boyfriend #relationship #romance #bodilyfunctions #shareandsharealike

Left CJ and Leon alone for 2 hours yesterday while I went to visit my dad in hospital and came home to this! #boys

how effing cute does look? Awwww ☺

omfg! Om-actual-fg! I just died!!!!!

available at all good supermarkets!


Happy Sunday!

Haha they just keep coming!

Oh my god I love carrots!! #soulmates #wheniwasacarrot