Retired Resto/Feral druid on Lightning's Blade-US, now a Rift Cleric on Shadefallen-US. Sysadmin, programmer, avid reader.

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Teasing a little micro project that could obviously use some design love:

With a custom ROM and the right user, Droid 2 gets pretty absurd battery life. ~50% used after 19.5 hours:

how the fuck? "since 28 Jan 2011" haha

General Motors wants you to enter a ton of personal information to opt-out of email campaigns. So fucking fail.

Droid 2 on Verizon has no such option :(

id Software - getting it right since 1996:

try limiting search results to the last month? it's on the left side, under More Search Tools

will TwitPic work? In any case, the answer is Whiptail - 50%, Twilight Jasmine - 48%

Tumblr irony:

This is what you get when a site designer has only learned on WYSIWYG tools, people:

Every time this wallpaper comes up in my rotation I can't help but laugh my head off:

I am easily amused, i.e. laughing at how my iTunes notification lined up with a Curse article's header image:

Yes, OSX 10.6 and Chrome 9.0.572.1 (dev channel) gives me this:

1. Design obnoxious, tall header/layout that pushes your blog content completely off-screen 2. ??? 3. Profit!

sad but true :(

Just noticed tweets "via Batcomputer". Lulz, awesome.

Amazon, I think you're lying to me. Pretty sure says Towers of Midnight is going out on Nov 2nd:

Green icon in the header on that user's profile page, i.e.

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