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We started an APB clan. The only rule: You avatar has to look like you.

  • 1446 days ago via site
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In-progress shirt design. (Maybe also a print.) Torn on whatever the finished shirt should have the caption?

  • 1496 days ago via site
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In-game screenshot of a TF2 spray, made for Gentle Rain in exchange for Ze Goggles.

  • 1506 days ago via site
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He was then sent jogging, outside, at noon. Not great for a vampire. He will be missed. Sorta.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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Soon, though her stylist work, Angel met Matthew Hamming, a wealthy movie star. He was vampirized and married.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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But when Angel's vampirism kicked in, they got a lot closer.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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While undergoing the 3-day change to a vampire, Angel met Lola Belle, a local celebrity who promptly ignored her.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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Apparently, passing on vampirism only has a 60% success rate? Guess Angel just got lucky.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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Angel was vamped by William Fangmann, a local cop. She doesn't talk to him anymore, cuz poor people are gross.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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Angel Osoba. From a stylist's studio apartment to a mansion and her own nightclub. And it only took one murder.

  • 1530 days ago via site
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Approved sketch for 's and Tribe One's free Comic Book Day gig poster!

  • 1547 days ago via site
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Finished inks for our webcomic-centric TF2 server's rotating Message of the Day screen.

  • 1547 days ago via site
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So previewed his Transmetropolitan book pin-up and no one yelled at him, so I'ma do it, too.

  • 1552 days ago via site
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Gee golly whiz it's almost like it KNOWS

  • 1557 days ago via site
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  • 1558 days ago via site
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A caricature of , Harvey Ye Uglye Childe and myself, from ! OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.

  • 1563 days ago via site
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The finished spray I made for , as seen in-game. Hooray!

  • 1569 days ago via site
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The second possibility. See, it's funny cuz it's true.

  • 1576 days ago via site
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The first one. Obvious character choice with obvious class. Not the first Reagan-as-Heavy by far.

  • 1576 days ago via site
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