Not sweating the small stuff. Family, friends (old & new) & dogs are key! Luv exploring new places. Into The Mystic (Van Morrison) - brilliant!

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not a GR8 pic as I took it on my iPhone but here's one 4 U of the total eclipse. Happy Holidays!

Total #Lunar eclipse pic from iPhone (over #Toronto sky). Canon (manual) pics 2 follow later once developed!

Total Lunar eclipse pic from iPhone. Canon (manual) pics 2 follow later once developed!

Total Lunar eclipse pic from iPhone. Canon (manual) pics 2 follow once developed!

Last time a lunar eclipse & winter solstice occurred on same day was 1991; before that 1619 & not again til 2094.

I'm hat over heels 4 Christmas! :-)

My Dad just sent the family this photo saying this is how he feels driving with my Mom! Funny guy!?! ;-)

Toronto Raptors mascot recently @ our school. The end 2 a successful fund raising event! Kids luv'd him!

The kids R coming fast & furious but I'm ready! Including the lava running down the steps! Bell ringing! Have 2 go!

Thnx 4 thumbs up on pumpkin. Students luvd it 2! I carved it using kit tfrom Lowes. HapE Halloween!

Hey Dina! UR Mexico pic looks gr8! Hope UR hav'n a super time. UR miss'n Halloween so here's a pumpkin 4 U! I carved it 4 my students this week. Have a "wicked" vacation! :)

Some of the kids in gym dance'n up a storm 2day & have'n a GR8 time! Costumes were incredible! Well done parents!

here's what it looks like all lit up. My students luv'd it which made the 2+ carving hrs worth it!

well, the pumpkin has been carved & lit & the only thing left is 2 get the candy!! :)

I can't show U the faces of my students but, hers's their response 2 the pumpkin they chose (I carved)! :)

Here's the the pumpkin all lit up!! Wait til U see the next pic though. :)

What device is in stores 4 me 2 use 2 light the pumpkin I carved 4 my students?

Yes! The upgraded Twitpic now can handle iPhone 3Gs! So, here's a photo I took on Martha's Vineyard this sum'r!

Any idea where I took this picture while I was on vacation this sum'r? Not Stewart but .....

OH #CANADA ! This is what many of the people of #Ontario love - time up @ the cottage! A pic in time (sum'r 2010)!

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