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So, there is this huge billboard on Mombasa Road. It has boobs, well, the lass photographed has boobs, see?

Says 'plasma inside' on the side of this bus; the good kind I hope.

Looks like I'm on a certain leaderboard. I take what I can get.

The new Twitter for iPhone is here. See what they added just for you ?

Trying not to draw conclusions as I top up my airtime. Does this mean I shall get some, not too presumptuous?

Who knew Elmo was into Pot?

*Actual* UBUNTU download on Zuku 8 Megabit fibre. *cough cough*


The Bugatti Veyron Kenyan edition. Or at least the decal. I wonder if this bus is just as fast.

Enjoying a spot of sunset traffic on Mombasa Road.

Parked in the lush bush that is Lower Hill Road Nairobi are us in a fancy kind of traffic picnic.

Coffee and traffic. Likely bedfellows. Again that might be a homoerotic homonym. But what would I know?

Lovely classic car seems to be trying to swallow the owner or perhaps it has a spot of indigestion outside Nyayo.

The Android lockscreen. Let's see what I am supposed to be missing.

Evidence of android on my iphone 3G. How awesome!

Gentlemen of the internet please feel free to damage your keyboards with drool. I present Marsha Thomason. :o)