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guess this means I'll be going to dland a lot next year :)

added a couple of #depechemode pictures to my cubicle at work.

#depechemode #heaven yay!!

Dang. Those beats headphones bleed sound. I can hear every horrible sound of the dubstep this guy is listening to.

Im so not dealing with this bus. I can wait 2 minutes until the next one. Silly people!!

Its a pretty day in the park. Of course im the first one here!

Its sunny and warm in SF. its summer.

They took away my bus stop. Gesh, i was only gone 4 days.

Finally got a selist from a dead can dance show!!! Another great show. Sad that i dont have any more shows to go to :(

mmmm peaches and strawberries.

Coworker brought her bernese mountain dog in for a quick visit. Hes a puppy and weighs 125 pounds!! Hes so cute.

No more leaving creamer in the kitchen at work. People use it and it goes in days. This will last so much longer.

Almost time for dead can dance..... denver!

Kinda foggy out there:-)

Someone left these in the kitchen at work. Ok. I'll try.

The tiny ones are my faves.

Every day. Going to shows in Oakland/Berkeley are not a fun commute. Hopefully Bart won't be bad.

Last time i went to the greek they took the bottle caps from water. Im prepared! Bringing my own. Lol