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MAP Opening the Blinds: extracting info from pixels, folded, Robert Weih U of Arkansas #ESRIUC

MAP Toothless States of America #ESRIUC

MAP Analysis of Global Distribution of World Heritage Sites, Michael Tinker #ESRIUC

MAP Status of Mt Lion Research in SW US (also shows Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation) #ESRIUC

MAP Round Valley Indian Tribes WIS land use & Location, Chris Adams #ESRIUC

MAP Coeur d'alene Tribe Broadband Line of Site #ESRIUC

MAP Coeur d'alene Tribe Fiber to Home Project Network Diagram #ESRIUC

MAP Nesqually Indian Tribe Villages/Fishing Stations/Place Names, Jennifer Cutler #ESRIUC

MAP Populating Boundaries Yosemite Treaties S Miwuk Nation/Sandra Gaskell/Danette Johnson #ESRIUC

MAP Siletz Reservation original 1855 boundary & current in red, Brady Smith #ESRIUC

MAP Land Ownership Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation #ESRIUC

MAP Chilicote Ranch Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Tigua Indians pastures/fire damage/ fenceline #ESRIUC

MAP Citizen Potawatami Nation Tribal Development & Land Status Jurisdictional Boundaries #ESRIUC

MAP Cattaraugus Territory Cattaraugus Creek Changes over Time, Seneca Nation of Indians #GIS #ESRIUC

MAP spatial Distortions on Historical Maps Kyoto by Akiro Tsukamoto. #ESRIUC

MAP Landscape of Kyoto in Ukiyoe 17th-19th century. Japan #ESRIUC

MAP Bitter Root Intrisic Resource Inventory, Jones & Jones Architects #ESRIUC

MAP Wind Resource Potential, Bad River reservation #ESRIUC

Me, Neli and Lorenda at Dicks Last Resort enjoying music and dinner hosted by Merrick #ESRIUC