Gone off UK Politics, Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, they're all the same don't care about the people they serve. Continuing to fight for Independence

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Ohh look it's blairmcdougall the fat controller


here's a screenshot can't share it on here got it from Facebook someone video clipped their own TV.

find that part hard to believe even Kevin Bridges reported the BBC were editing out Yes voters

you're a disgrace of a news broadcaster & come Friday will be finished in Scotland.
Twisting headlines!

#WhyIJoinedYesandWhyIChangedtoNo cause I'm a pure shitebag.

With that line of thought then MPs in rUK shouldn't vote regarding Scotland resources & Trident. He's a Yes??

#indyref what if..?

. absolute worldwide laughing stock now & deservedly so.

suck it up....worth eating the stuff to see the looks on these gits faces after a YES

. is turning up to an event that doesn't exist. Hahaha
PS how's your constituents in Bradford doing?

morons lol

Did anyone else receive the cheap "factual" booklet from #bettertogether in the post today?
#GoT ? #cheapshot

Haha #indyref *face palm*

I'm seeing lots of this on TL click on the users & "not found error code"

Dirty tricks are starting anyone that votes No after seeing this aught to rethink who they should trust #indyref