Closeted Superhero. Full time homosexuelle. Nothing will beat 1993 when I used to ride around on my BMX all day listening to Eternal. That was brilliant.

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This image from a Daily Mail article on organ donation would suggest they're not fans of a particular popstar:

Love this...

Me and my friend Ben are not that far off...

Ben look what I found! Hahaha!


My only photo of the evening.

Except maybe this motherfucker of a bunny.

Here's a summary of all you need to know:

Also, isn't this the oddest little picture of Ryan Giggs...

7. Ryan Kwanten -

Small but very important addition to that list:

6. Ryan Philippe -

Look! A dog in a jaunty hat! Yay!

Louisa Lytton!

I'm now in the pub. With Alfie. Look at his little face!


Oh no. It's on fire and everything.

The boys!

My lovely ladies and Hunnih Kerputrack (the famous Swedish farmgirl/porn star) at dinner last night...

Am at a open mic night and these two guys are HOT. I'm basically sat at the front cracking one out. FIT.