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Signing off tweeting for with this. #CultureClubHumour Follow for more high brow comedy

We're printing something for Monday morning. What could it be? #3dprinting

Our first Replicator 2 has just arrived. Quick setup: delivery to printing in 20 minutes.

So what do we think about the new ITV logo?

Imagination: Doing birthday cakes right for over 40 years. Happy Birthday Mr Withers

And finally for today, a demonstration of when it is not appropriate to use Comic Sans: via

Blog of year goes to: Windows 95 tips. via #relevant

Here's a picture of a red blood cell on top of a needle. via

Cleaning the gunk off the rollers of an old school computer mouse #missingout via

Some awesome hearing aid designs from this team. #designathon

Dexterity developed a Slurping Spoon which has a perforated cover on to stop spillages with shaky hands #designathon

Dexterity made a 3 dimensional fork which increases the target area for users with poor hand dexterity #designathon

The next team designed a camera holder for people with poor hand dexterity. Simple and accessible. #designathon

Crutch it Better designed some open source customisations for crutches, like this laser cut phone holder. #designathon

The next team transformed the humble crutch into Crutch it Better". #designathon

Here's an image of the user customising the key placement to the task she's doing to reduce RSI #designathon

Great product design. A shower stool which wouldn't look out of place in any bathroom. #designathon

The next team tackled the clinical aesthetic of assistive products for the bathroom #designathon

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