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Oooooooh,rehearsal photo of Nine Inch Nails' Summer Festival live production/light show,looking fantastic:

Hey ABC? Might need to fix an AD or two

Hey ! There's After Earth gamerspics and a theme up for free on the 360 dashboard! :

The Bureau:XCOM declassified's box art is fantastic:

My life now has meaning:

I...I think I'm done playing Bioshock Infinite for awhile :

How to Destroy Angels ad on the 360 dashboard:

cousin got this message on Xbox live today :

Terrible eating decisions might have been made:

Fuck a physical copy! Downloading Fire Emblem:Awakening from the eShop RIGHT NOW!

My avatar will never take this off:

Bought a new SD card in case I have to enact operation 'Buy a digital copy of Fire Emblem'

Bought a copy of 999,now to see why everyone loves it so much.

I can't download this any harder:

Each level in Trine 2 reminds me of a Lisa Frank notebook.
Just look at this beauty:


So far SmartGlass is just a countdown for the VGAs:

SpaceTeam download initiated! :

I'm ready to get super depressed :

One of the best things about Skyfall was Bérénice Marlohe,stunning and a fantastic actress:

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