Star and Official Mascot for The Hillywood Show®. Also played Dobby in Harry Potter Friday Parody.

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It's nap times :) Times to snuggle with mines toy....zzzzzzzz

Lookie! Iz gots more fan arts :) Wuv it! Tanks fweind!

Goin' to sleeps now with my fwiend Rocky...tired...zzzzzzz -_-

Looook! Loooook! My first fan arts :) Tanks!

Iz is up late helping & edit :) Keeping dem company.

Chilly tonights...times to snuggle :)

Made a blankets cave for myselfs :)

In my new bed with my fweind Rocky :) Comfy!

Iz Wuv my new sweaters that & bought me :) So warm!

Sad day...iz is sittin da suitcase so & can sneaks me into LA :( I wishes iz was goings...

Gots mines sweater on todays :) Iz was shivvvvering dis morning.

Snugglin' in 's lap makes mes happy :)

Dis is my good side :) Smilez!!!

Swolllly fallin asweep in Hillydad's hands comfy...Zzzzzzz

Iz is takin a nap on 's lap...Zzzzzzzz

Hi der everyones...iz just woke ups from my nap :)

Iz don't like da rains...Iz just gots a bath yesterdays :(

Night fweinds. I iz goings to bed now :)

I likes to sunz bathe and gets my hairs on 's legz.

A smiles from me to you evweryone :)

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