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Ace Everything Everything gig last night! But I'll NEVER chat to a band I love after too many again #cringe

SO excited, am I, to see E.T on the big screen courtesy of , I thought I'd tweet this for y'all...

If you've seen Sex and the City 2, you may recognise where I spent my afternoon #fairytalemorocco #morocco #love

This happened. It happened with bells on. Working the crowd and all sorts. Who knew? Review to follow.

I've had a gorgeous champagne-fuelled day at launch at on their boat #sunnysquint

At the launch in Victoria and the food is fantastic! Prosecco, cured ham, artisan breads and...

Channelling my inner roaring twenties film star at #London ...

With today being Star Wars day, as someone who doesn't really like it, I've been dragged into THIS... #excessive

This is unbelievably bad, surely?? Just ME?!! How did an official not stop this being displayed?!

UPDATE: #pastydude ... it's getting messy. This is like an advert for a horror film. Smells like one too.

Dude on the #tube looking angry probably cos his expensive pasty is just half pastry. Don't you hate that? #ripoff

taxi window=marketing opportunity. Never too drunk...

This is hilarious ...is your name on here?? Do you agree with it? Despite it being a sweeping statement...

Me at Soho's Secret Tea Room. My housemate said I look like Kate Middleton. Better than what she usually calls me.

This caption in made me laugh so loudly on the tube this morning, people actually stared... #jeez

My cheeky purchase to remind me of an amazing end to a blinding time in #Amsterdam

How amazing is this?? 'Most sustainable Olympics' -the stadiums being scaled down, post-#olympics

BUY ONE: This months is brilliant. It has a interview, a great Bowie article, plus THIS:

#London: On a scale of 1-10, how impressed are you with this creation?? (11's are allowed...) :)

I feel that have created the super-healthy version of Lucky Strikes here. I love a surprise extra.

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