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Provocative thoughts cuz I'm a radical thinker. (ill - /il/ adj - sick) + (form - /fôrm/ n. Configuration)

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Beware if they run in groups

I joke about dudes weird clothing nowadays but the shit the Godfathers of Hip-hop was rocking was far fetched too

Was asked about the broad subject of love. That question is too general so I define terms to the Greek roots to defined love

Spotify only let me stream the edited version of Nas. GTF out of here

It's not that I'm unappreciative but people get me so wrong when it's seems so obvious what I like

Photoshop fail lol

They say money talks so I need that $hit to speak up. Running in circles trying to get it

First comes the money then you find your true love?

Mom sent me this. Lord know I've got to clean up my house

Happy motha fucking mother's Day

I think Steven Boyar got her beat

What I be like while & plan for fantasy football #FFL

Ya moan ya? #EpicFail

People are so fony on Facebook

Can you tweet your way out of heaven. Take the phrase #JesusFreak to a low level

Wait what?

They killing me with all these Drake memes "Just hold on where going home"

Point of a great view

Illmatic quote

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