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I love socks, towels straight out of the dryer, dryer sheets and TOILET PAPER, YIPPEE!!!

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MINI-ME!!Wot da heck! Its my birfday u pawty animal!

yup! Dis was me

aww u looks adorable Vince! Also had hard time standing on da wood floor (notice hind legs)

yeah we be funny pudgy fings.....see!!

watermelon stripes, pink skull and crossbones.

oh dats so good. Dad saw dis guy last night when he got me a new toy..he fell in love

it is luffly...dis iz my mini-me

I be chillin like a villain usin G acct shh

Help me! I iz drowning in my bed and blankie!! He he I iz cozy.

Fank goodness I got da bath now I can sleep wif my feet by my nose and not dream of Frito chips.

yeah dey be sneaky wif der did dis one today of me. Ugh.

Hi Remy whatcha doin? I iz hanging out wif dad in da man cave while mom has Xmas throw up all ova da house

ha ha ha I iz wif u on dat. Crazy doctors.....

Good morning Remy....I iz still sleepies. How r u honey?

here's one...was dis one necessary mom? about dis?

BOL...dey got me like dat too... look at dis one


I is still rekooperating from skool. Sooooo tired.

Dad got me a new bed and I iz enjoying it .....

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