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thanks! They were! Did you see tulip cuddling my toy that "fell" from a shelf when I was at rehab

did you see tulip? She's cuddling a toy that "fell" from my shelf when I was at ankle rehab

is that picture good enough for my googles?!? :D

happy birthday! It's boo the dog! Can you find him? :D

they came they came!

they came they came!

tulip got a lil puncture in her pad last week,blood everywhere, wore bandage for 2 days all better now

oh no! Tulip got a puncture in her paw too! There was blood EVERYWHERE! She wore it for 2days

I tell you she got hurt the other day? Blood EVERYWHERE! Turns out just lil puncture in her paw.

I has a lazy greyhound!

did u see tulip got hurt? It ended up only being a lil puncture in pad, will get unwrapped on fri

had 2 bring tulip to the vet! Has a lil puncture in her paw but there was blood EVERYWHERE!

tulip ok. Lil puncture. Go back Friday to unwrap

Tulip is ok. Little puncture wound. Vet wrapped it. We put #danteninjasock on it. Will go back fri to unwrap it.

nightnight! *tucks u in and leaves a few pictures for the morning*

I call it "greyhounds use the least part of their beds they can" this is Tulip

my greyhound!

I have...a LOT. Like over 100! This is Sleepytime. My 1st ever bear!