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I hope the doctor fixes her!

Nap time! Spent 2hrs trying to fix dads computer. Still not done :/ I sleepy thou! #peepynonos

I remembered! It comes to u when you're not thinking about it! Try this!

chasing is half the game so you're doing good lol.

happy birthday!

going out for a bit so won't be on much today but I changed my avi for you! Happy birthday!

um...I wouldn't say..."tickle"... Her name is tulip! She's a good girl!

do you feel like this bear?

doesn't squeak but she still checks. Then she cuddles it.

I'm glad she's fixed and I hope she feels better soon!

*mr. Bear runs toward the honey pies to save them*

oh yay I see he's fine...and deffinetly stoned!

oh yay I see he's fine...and deffinetly stoned!

happy birthday TW!

mmm tasty! Reminds me of this pic!

happy birthday!