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Time to get more sleep. Tired enough to sleep now. I had a rendition of the below pic for most of the night. Night!

llamas are like alpacas right? We saw llamas at the zoo!

poor teddy!!! I hope he feels better quick! I bet your great nursing skills will help!

so happy!!!

SO. SKINNY! *hands over cookies*

happy birthday!!!!

hehe. Tulip. Like the flower!

happy birthday!

LMAO. a LITTLE different! Happy birthday Arthur!

happy birthday!!!

the daddy made a wise choice! I got my Sleepytime from the baby shower they had for me!

yes! Then shed be home more!

*hands out safe doggy cookies* here. Everyone take these.

happy birthday!!!

yaaaaay! I hope you got a treat for being such a good boy!

it's hard to think of happy with initial sad news thou. *hugs them* ill try


it's ok. *petpets* shhhh. Here.

ull have to be hand fed pigs ears! Think of it like dis