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Tulip is just laying here. Under my bed. Farting away.

buns are a full time job! Glad he's getting stronger and they're becoming fluffy loves too!

happy birthday!

but its all ok now because I've slept and brought out cayk!

big mouth!

a deep breath, relax, forget the past, focus on the future, and share some CAYK!!!!

hehe. You're just checking to see if the humans are ok!

happy birthday!!!!

happy birthday by the way! Lol

lol just a weeeeee bit dirty!

Time to get more sleep. Tired enough to sleep now. I had a rendition of the below pic for most of the night. Night!

llamas are like alpacas right? We saw llamas at the zoo!

poor teddy!!! I hope he feels better quick! I bet your great nursing skills will help!

so happy!!!

SO. SKINNY! *hands over cookies*

happy birthday!!!!

hehe. Tulip. Like the flower!

happy birthday!

LMAO. a LITTLE different! Happy birthday Arthur!