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The bird is the word. And yes, USC has a hockey team. @USCHockey

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Didn't have a car ready on the lot, so Avis literally just unwrapped a brand new one for me. I love new car smell.

I'm guessing that you would enjoy this.

What is it about me, The , and random nails? Fifth time this summer. #FAIL

There's shopping cart laziness. Then there's this...

This might be interesting to and

did you get your costa rica guide books yet?

Found at #Borders. #USC … not found: any books about hockey.

Just had an #OverwhelmingUrge to pour syrup into my coffee. #Elf?

The most masculine dessert I've ever built. #Manly

I'm bored so now I'm roasting a pork shoulder. That's normal, right? (I need to stop watching Food Network at night)


I think I've died and gone to hell. Or just #KillMeNow

I guess visual ads work. #RachelBilson

Where was the mayhem, death, and destruction that was promised? #Carmageddon

now you're starting to scare me. I seriously pulled this out of my closet earlier this evening.

Pretty nice lookin' gift basket for the scholarship silent auction. Thanks , !

Aaaand so it begins #Carmageddon

then perhaps a different approach #Random

He'll love then. I've settled on build-my-own omelet + 1 pancake. Coffee is great!

I'm having breakfast for lunch ! #BreakfastAllDay

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