An indie Film Director/Producer : MY BROTHER NIKHIL, BAS EK PAL , SORRY BHAI! I AM, CHAURANGA (Producer) . SHAB(under prod) I CELEBRATE LOVE...

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from my Niece Trisha Dhar Malik : (I think we need to start a SAFE INDIA campaign from WOMEN and Children YESTERDAY )
Dear Sir,

I'm Trisha Dhar Malik and I live in Poonam Nagar, Andheri (E), Mumbai. In a supposedly upper middle class locality. I'm 13 years of age and would like to discuss with you some problems I've been having while doing simple things like walking to a friend's house or buying stationery, all of which happen to involve only a few minutes walk from my house.
What must I do to be one hundred percent safe? What must I do to be fully comfortable? What must I do to not be stared at? Initially, I wore whatever I wanted to, but soon discovered that I was not feeling very comfortable about it. So I started wearing jeans with t-shirts or shorts which came down to my knees. But things didn't get better at all. Vehicles slow down, people turn around and stare before regaining speed. Bikers turn to look. And there's always a gaze following me. Why? I'm a 13 year old, who hasn't done anything wrong, and you're no one to me, you're not allowed to stare at me. Why must I feel unsafe in my own neighbourhood? Why can a guy my age wear whatever he wants and no one bats an eye? Why are we the ones who have to deal with this? Aren't both the sexes equal? I am not an object. I'm equal to a friend of mine who is a guy. If he can travel in rickshaws safely, why can't i? If he can walk down his neighbourhood wearing what he wants, then why can't I? In the end, we're all humans with a different body structure. So why let the other just pass by, and why follow me till I'm not visible anymore?



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AWAITING.... written by Onir

Unseen by the universe
I walk the lonely streets
Walking hand in hand with your shadow

In solitude
I await thy footsteps to find me

The night whiles away
As the flames consume the wicks
Trying to erase the memory of your touch

But the aroma of the night
Overwhelms me with your taste
Drenched in your sweat
The universe screams out your absence

I await for you to walk into my solitude
To step out of the shadow
And destroy the absence that consumes me
Silently.... Softly.... yet Surely

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Opportunity to volunteer and be a part Directed by . Interested College students with good communication skills from MUSSORIE ( who at present live there) can apply for 5 days volunteering in the direction and production team of our film . Shooting will be in between 27thoct and 3rd Nov. We will meet interested candidates on the 17th and 28th of oct. Apply to anticlockfilms.com

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It is a pleasure to have Andrew Hoffland a renowned theatre personality in Delhi, as a part of the cast...

Here is what , as he is fondly called by the youth of Delhi, has to say about the film...

"I am elated to be a part of Shab! To get an opportunity to work with #Onir, for one, and to be a part of a project that deals with real life circumstances with an accurate approach is a rare opportunity. The characters in the film are true images of people found in a big metropolis like Delhi. Looking forward to building a memory to last a lifetime!"

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Very happy to have all the way from Paris French actor Simon Frenay as Benoit in my next film .

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13 years ago when in 2001 I wrote SHAB my friend Raveena Tandon was supposed to act in the film. Finally 2014 and I will get to shoot my first and a very precious script. Thrilled that once again Raveena is a part of the film. That was the film's destiny ..... SUCH A LONG JOURNEY. A desire to work together finally fulfilled in 14 years. We first met in the sets of Kalpana Lajmi's Daman. Thats where I met #RaveenaTandon and . Thats how the first draft of Shab was written with them in the leading roles. So looking forward to working with the gorgeous actress. :)

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Here's what ASHISH BISHT, male lead of #SHAB has to say about the film and about his association with #Onir.

"I first met Onir and Amar (Associate) in Delhi, during the auditions for I AM. Even though I got rejected, I was lucky to get noticed by Onir, whom I admire a lot. His movies always leave a mark on you. He dares to make movies on sensitive and unconventional topics... topics that mostly people shy away from. I feel very lucky to have been chosen as the lead for SHAB by Onir. It is like a dream come true for me, as from the moment I read the script I knew that I have to be a part of it.
My journey as an actor started with the signing of the film. I went through rigorous acting classes and diction classes in Urdu with Munira Surati Ma'am in Mumbai and Adil Hussain Sir in Delhi. Also, a special thanks to Tannishtha Chatterjee Ma'am for sharing her experiences as an actor. Onir and his entire team have become family to me. I will always cherish this time spent with them, doing group discussions, script readings and of course the small arguments! Can't wait for the film to go on floors! Just get ready to see me on the big screen... Hope, I make a difference in this vaaaasssst world of cinema"

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Introducing Anticlock Films new talent and Male lead for My next film SHAB . . Proud to introduce a promising new comer to the industry who does NOT come from a Film family.

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Anticlock Films welcomes its First In-house talent Zain Durrani Home :). Looking forward to a long and happy association together. :)

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Happy to have the stunning Arpita Chatterjee in my next film #SHAB : http://www.rediff.com/movies/report/prosenjits-wife-to-make-her-bollywood-debut/20140428.htm

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Been Three years since the release of #IAM . Have tried to give the film the best possible journey despite all odds. My most successful film in terms of recognition and at the same time the film that received the most resistance when it came to recovery. Thanks to all the wonderful Co-Owners and Co-Producer who have stood by us. The film maker in me is telling me "enough is enough" get on to your next. So once again I am pushing myself. looking for a way to make my film... which tell stories of you and me.... but which dont find finance easily. i wonder why is it these stories that attract me so much. Why cant I make my own life easier. I feel a call... I hear my first script calling out to me once again.... from the depths of subconscious, wanting to be explored, revealed, unmasked.... yes wants me to venture out into its darkness. Its been waiting since 2001 when I registered the first draft of the script... Yes too long have i waited. But now I shall step into the NIGHT soon ..... Be a part of my journey by giving me your love....

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Congratulations to Team #Chauranga The final cut of the film has been locked.

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Wishing my best friend a very Happy Birthday. many more films and happiness. :)

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Nine years since the most special day of my life. The day I stepped into the real of a dream that I always had. My journey as a film maker. My most special film My Brother Nikhil was released this day in 2005. Thanks to all the special people who made it possible and the rest of the team :)

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Sharing the thoughts of my Sister Irene on the #ShaktiMills Rape

"Wind on my face,
My train speeds by
A mill with walls now bare.
Strong walls, even in ruin,
Do you remember her screams?
Do you wonder why men rape?
And how no punishment can ever make it right?"

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A Conversation with #AAP on Gender, Sexuality, Culture and positioning of Human Rights in AAP Manifesto. March 23rd - Delhi

With Dilip Pandey, Atishi Marlena & Onir

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A Conversation with AAP on Gender, Sexuality, Culture and positioning of Human Rights in AAP Manifesto.
With Dilip Pandey, Atishi Marlena & Onir 23rd March, Delhi

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How OUR Nation was destroyed ....

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Found this special invite to the Premiere of my first film #MyBrotherNikhil while Spring cleaning my house. How quickly nine years have passed by . Until that day I was living to be a part of Dream. The day 24.03.2005 made the Dream a reality. I could not have asked for any other life than that of a film maker. A precious film that found me precious people.

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I wish I could make a road trip on one of these beauties. Maybe a trip From Pakistan ... across the border ....right up to Manipur :). #WishfulThinking #TruckArt #Pakistan

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