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Brushing up on my math for school. Giving myself 20 days to finish this behemoth of a book

Please dun suffocate Mr. Monkey you're going to be in there a while

Might be better than the porter

Great beer, great good. I know where I am goin everyday after school

Total disorder porter @ ram brewhouse. Not bad.

I like my seats

Found this while emptying my suitcase. Wonder if it is still good

Bought this yesterday. Felt time realigning itself afterwards to have given me several more wedgies from school days

Going to be an awesome day. Only one other way I would of liked to spend it

I take back what I said earlier.

Farmer's Tan: Engage

  • 2202 days ago via api
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Gonna regret this in the morning

  • 2236 days ago via api
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Have a gander at the weiner that resides between my legs.

  • 2326 days ago via api
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One of the reasons why will always be way cooler than you

  • 2334 days ago via api
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Evil dog is cute when it sleeps.

  • 2335 days ago via api
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Explains my daypretty well, but, eh, it happens

  • 2345 days ago via api
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The green polo says he is sweet and thoughtful but the spiked collar says he plays by his own rules

  • 2351 days ago via api
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One day down, six to go until the cone comes off

  • 2354 days ago via api
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*sigh* Just saying good-bye to puppy's balls.

  • 2354 days ago via api
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My new faggy tea pot. It's so cute.

  • 2365 days ago via api
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