An independent Film Director/Producer : MY BROTHER NIKHIL, BAS EK PAL , SORRY BHAI! I AM, CHAURANGA (Producer) . I AM GAY and I Refuse to be INVISIBLE .

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Congrats to team for completing 4 days of shoot successfully.

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Meet Co- Producer CHAURANGA from Melbourne :). WHY CHAURANGA ?
"I became a co producer as I love Onir and want to have his babies "

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The gorgeous and talented Arpita Chatterjee on why she is a part of CHAURANGA cast . I have embraced this offer just because one name which is indeed "Onir". I have seen his film and always wanted to work with him. Second stimulus factor is, this film is going to cater international market by showcasing in many important international festivals. I also liked The script and the layers in my character.

Being a bong I feel proud of Onir. And I wish I would get an opportunity to get him as my director in near future

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Keeping Afloat. Director at the flooded Kolkata Office

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Experiencing flooded Kolkata . Assistant director @ outside the Kolkata Office

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Assistant director Kundan Singh wades in flood water outside the Kolkata Office

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The flooded office in Kolkata where team is working out of .

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Children from a village near Shantiniketan peep shyly at the team. Still untouched by gender stereotype dress codes :)

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Ebela features CHAURANGA " Tannistha in Chauranga"

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With assistant Director on a recce at Bolpur, near Shantiniketan for next production #Chauranga

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With Director on recce at Bolpur, near Shantiniketan for next production #Chauranga

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NOT THREE IDIOTS :) Team #Chauranga on recce at Bolpur, near Shantiniketan. Director DOP Ramanuj and asst director

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Meet the Gorgeous and Talented Tannishtha Chatterjee - The Dhaniya of CHAURANGA :)

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Meet Casting Director for next production #Chauranga - Nalini Rathnam

"I just LOVE ONIR........! A wonderful film maker, and an even more beautiful human being. Have loved My Brother Nikhil and I AM and feel privileged to be a part of his and Sanjay Suri's team in any which way possible. I hope he never "lets me go"

When I read the script of Chauranga by Bikas Mishra - my stomach churned and I slept fitfully that night wondering how some people can write stuff like this. Chauranga's story just HAD to be told. I wish Bikas the very best on his directorial debut and congratulate him for bringing this story - based on true incidents, to the world. Casting for Chauranga - especially trying to find the youngsters to play the lead parts - has been a real challenge but interacting with kids from less privileged backgrounds, rescued from the streets - listening to their stories - still makes my hair stand on end. An experience I will never forget. The final cast may be different since we now move to Bengal for the shoot- but just interacting with the kids we met on this journey has enriched all of us.

Only ONIR and SANJAY SURI could have had the courage to produce such a film. Take a bow. And thank you for letting me be a part of it........

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SIDDHARTH CHAUHAN from Shimla joins the team as Volunteer for The making of Chauranga . Siddharth "I have been somehow associated with the film since the publicity design competition. When I got to know about the story, I felt that Bikas Mishra had written a very earnest and beautiful raw story based in rural India. The "Rural" has always fascinated me and I am just too excited to work on Chauranga !!! More excited because my dear friend, Onir happens to be one of the producers! Anything and Everything to support them in their efforts of making offbeat films."

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CO-OWNER - Steffi Anksuni from Switzerland on why she became a part of CHAURANGA
" I love Onir's great films and their messages. When I met him at the Swiss Thun Film Festival in summer 2012, I was so happy to get that opportunity to talk to him. He's a wonderful human being. I wish I could support him much more, than the fundraising. And thats why I decided to support his next movie Chauranga. I also spread the word/links everywhere in Switzerland with flyer I made for his fundraising. I hope Onir got much help from his fans all around the world. I'm so happy for Bikas Mishra to start filming soon. :)

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"The simple reason to get attached with this movie was the plot and honest intention behind making this movie .Having met Onir personally and believing on his vision has made me realize that we should support this kind of movies in whatever way we can . Its also a proud moment to get associated with a film like this "

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Singer Sayantani with music composer Vivek Philip at the studio after recording for the Jaipur Bridal Collection Fashion video music track:)...

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One of the most accomplisher Playback Sehenai artist Madhu jee recording with music composer Vivek Philip ( le Chalein fame) for the Jaipur Bridal Collection Fashion video :)...

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