An independent Film Director/Producer : MY BROTHER NIKHIL, BAS EK PAL , SORRY BHAI! I AM, CHAURANGA (Producer) . I AM GAY and I Refuse to be INVISIBLE .

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Today Mumbai walks THE PRIDE. The first after the supreme court refused to do away with #IPC377 and felicitate DISCRIMINATION once again. Today a long march starts once again for our CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Some Thoughts of mine for a better TOMORROW.

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"In the end , only three things matter:
how much you loved,
how gently you lived,
and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you" - Buddha

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At the Filmfare nomination party 2014 .

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Congratulations #RohitKGupta . Finally your book #MasculinityAndItsChallengesInIndia is published and available :)

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One more day passed us by
But let us not forget
That it was only day before yesterday
That our rights to love was stolen from us
By them....
Whose lives are filled with spite
Whose incapability to love
Makes them insecure of love

Let us not forget
Let us not forgive
Nor rest
Till we wrench back
What is rightfully ours...

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Where the mind is in fear and the head hung low

Where Knowledge is censored

Where the world has been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of hatred

Where regressive forces stretch their arms towards destruction

Where the clear stream of reason has lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind has been abandoned by thee

Into ever-increasing hate and violence

Into that hell of subjugation , my Father my country awakes

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Tomorrow I shall ….once again walk along with you
The You that I knew from day before yesterday

How you passed your fingers thru mine
Invisible to the world as we walked side by side....
Feeling each other's warmth despite the distance
You looked at me and smiled tenderly
Telling me that this was for ever...

But your eyes also asked me
Why do we make our entangled fingers invisible…
Why do we have to speak of our love in unheard whispers …
Why the smirk, why the stare , why the hate…
So many unanswered why’s ….

And then Yesterday
The world discovered our invisible kiss
To love was to sin
Hate tore you away from me
To some dark distant corner....

And you let them take you away....
How could you have done otherwise...
To be able to accept being renounced by family
To be disowned by your dear friends
To untie yourself from the past
Is not easy....

I suppose it is easier to forget Us
To forget Me
To forget Yourself

I can accept the hurt I feel
But tell me.... how can I let them hurt the one I love.
How can I let your care free laughter be muffled...

I still see you in My tomorrow.... the way you were day before yesterday
But nay….
Tomorrow I shall once again walk with you
Our fingers entangled
Visible to the universe ….

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Signing autographs at the screening of at BABYLON in Berlin :)

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At the Q&A post the screening of at BABYLON in Berlin :)

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The audience at the screening of at BABYLON in Berlin :)

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Your name keeps buzzing inside my grey matter all thru the day
Sometimes its an inaudible whisper
Sometimes like an unbearable thunderstorm

Sometimes it makes me smile in the middle of an official dinner
I see you not sitting across me smiling
Maybe I seem like a fool.... with blank eyes to my fellow dinner mates
Because my sight just beholds thy image

Sometimes it makes me shed tears on my pillow
I see you not on the pillow next to mine
Your buddha eyes ....gentle and endearing
Filling me with peace and gratitude
To have been loved by you.... i feel finally I have been loved.

You told me that the touch was not the essence of our love.
I should feel....
Yes i feel the contour of your lips as my fingers trace them in the air.
Yes i feel your aroma in the air I breathe
Yes I can feel your gentle laughter resonate in my ears...

The gentle cool breeze from over the mountains transformed over the plains as it immerses me in your warmth.
It was the air you exhaled that I inhaled to feel alive.....

With bated breath I awaited....
To take a walk on the wild side with thee.....

But then you turned away into the woods…
A vacuum once again….

But then ….. you never promised me a rose garden….

By Onir 22nd November 2013

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More of Night Paris :)

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Nite out in Paris - Notre Dame

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Night in paris

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Paris tonight :)

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With gorgeous Film maker Ms Aparna Sen at closing ceremony at the film fest- Forum Des Images, Paris

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With french actor Simon Frenay at Forum Des Images

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With Austin Film Society's Chale Nafus before the screening of I AM in Austin.
Pic courtesy 'Indie Nari Productions'

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At the screening of I AM in Austin
Pic courtesy 'Indie Nari Productions' — at Marchesa Hall & Theatre.

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The audience at the screening of I AM
Pic courtesy 'Indie Nari Productions' — at Marchesa Hall & Theatre.

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