More sunshine please. And less assholes.

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Bought this by accident. It was really, really unpleasant. Vegan "cheddar style" shreds? No thank you. #nope

This orchid that you gave me is really happy!

Exciting times at the Ottawa airport.

I love this city!

Caught a pair of raccoons having sex on the garage roof. As you do. #urbanwildlife

Spotted on the Malahat: Wlfeyz #wlfeyz

This is a bit ominous How many voids can one boat have...?

This doesn't look good. I think it means I get the rest of the day off...

. I buy lots of orchids and I post far to many pictures of my orchids on social media. #noshame #viceweek

Watching the game from the posh seats. #awwwyeah

Proper lefty scissors! Hallelujah!

Ooo-ie. It's Houseplant Appreciation Day! Give them some fertilizer and wash their leaves. Show them you care. #love

Yikes. Flipped over semi truck. Wind gusts indeed!

After torturing me this AM with a terrible singing penguin, my co-workers have now decorated my desk for xmas. #yep

Proper English tea.

Today's haul: 5 boxes of tea, fancy salt, vintage pyrex, and this bourbon (which I can't wait to get into) #america

Understandable. Mars has got it going on.

I really need to ride this! #seattle

The start of an American weekend

starting an American weekend.

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