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I guess I'm going to have to teach you some manners the hard way.

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And then this happened.

How was your Halloween? Mine? This guy appeared again!

Newtown Hotel is now open! ( ).

Spanky's Quest. #DescribeYourSexualLifeWithAVideoGame

Big work on Newtown Station happening now. Severing the beams on the street roof...

So, , they painted over your landmark Newtown mural. Disgraceful destruction of art (cc )

Before Odin, there was Ragnar! #RIP Ernest Borgnine. A true hero of my childhood.

How's this for a Xmas present? And I've been such a shithead to the person who gave them to me. Wholly undeserving.

Only one of these #menthatlooklikeoldlesbians is a man that looks like an old lesbian. Can you spot them?

My entry for #menthatlooklikeoldlesbians.

If you ever wondered, this is what Sydney looks like, only two minutes by train from Central Station...

Gifted child.

Lunch. Garlic fish, salt'n'pepper chicken, BEEF BRISKET *and* soup — $7.90! Market City FTW! #picturesoffuckingfood

My new bar!

I've been taking emoticons to a whole new level. What do you think?

Hope you had a great one too, Captain Jack Sparrow! RT : Exactly as I pictured you! Happy Halloween! :-)

Me. Tonight. Happy Halloween!

Side cranial view!

My halloween mask... um, head.

Look at the discs! ()