The 7 God watching, hope you prepare to face him

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nope!! Pretty sure it was PoPov

I blame my ex coworker for the shit I see right now on the train home from work..

When u out to lunch with your homies who work for the opposing company... They bring gifts

Really the second most comfortable shoe u can wear ...

I love when folks on the east coast call/txt me n my phone is on do no disturb!!

I be feeling like!!

RedSkins fans

toothpaste huh ??

Finally get to put these to use!! RayGatron about to give out this work!!

I don't wear Adidas but when I had the john walls months ago.. Lol. They good ball sneakers tho!

I personally don't wear Adidas but since I'm sample size and duck with any shoe that's all red

Discussion shoes and shit over brunch ... Call it a meeting.

If I see you cheating ...

I see u cheating

If I see u cheating ... This is me!!

Started the unpacking in my apt and found this #NoPlusOne

When she added "ESQ" to her Twitter name... I told her to "claim it" lol.. That's what saved folks say. She never did

All North West really wants is a pair of these...