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Right righ!": right?!"

After the rain, then came....

Hope err'body don't all go cop this at once... Lol

wrote: tomorrow....

I know she's not suppose to wear uggs nda summer, but ndis wet weather is gross as well.

Yadig!!": The Celtics have a Magic Don Juan impostor."


How many hours dem kids spend lockedUP n'dis institution that truant programs are married w/ the courts? #JustAddAR'15's

"This rather means one who loves his riches and makes an idol of them, … "Matthew 19:24

": Somaya Reece look like<"Junior Seau" "

The chancellor says "I want to get the chance to meet you, get to know you" She ordered it!

You see this shit? I just seen vid on youtube. Ain't that a b*sh! He having fun!

And the sun is still round....

This relationship didn't last very long.

#PerfectHipHopAlbums Outkast Stankonia

#PerfectHipHopAlbums "Urban Legend"

" Occupy [Chicago] protesters interrupt [Wisconsin] governor's speech here 9AM" how does that work?

Nd the hood home girl, who would squabble dudes 4not getting her turn cuz she helped Lol

This hasn't occurred in #Oakland since 1946 #Historic