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At last the art world is finding it's muse.

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Here's the poll. Come on people, how are you against background checks so felons and madmen can't easily be armed?

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got a caption?

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more voting info

  • 684 days ago via site
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important info if you are harrassed or questioned while trying to vote

  • 684 days ago via site
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Yeah, I guess sometimes, we all feel like this guy.

  • 689 days ago via site
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My talented, gorgeous wife & friend in front of two of her beauty queen paintings last nite.
daenatitle.com 4more

  • 692 days ago via site
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Me and the ever gorgeous Brooke Burns on set for Nickelback video. Hair included.

  • 787 days ago via site
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Y'all wanted my high school shot. Here it is. I'm no Billy Bob Thornton, but hey...

  • 954 days ago via site
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Sunset from my balcony in Queenstown, NZ. If you can get to NZ, go. Everywhere you look, it's beautiful. Happy new year.

  • 994 days ago via site
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World's greatest shirt.

  • 1012 days ago via site
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Found this on a stroll outside a shop. I think it says it all.

  • 1020 days ago via site
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Me and Reiser, sailing into rehearsal for the Geffen.

  • 1197 days ago via site
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Okay, Rep. Weiner, if u can do it, so can I. Here's a pic of me popping wood.

  • 1199 days ago via site
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Me, backstage 4 my 1st number tonight with Ray Romano. A great evening. Thanks to all who came. Yeah, rock the mullet

  • 1201 days ago via site
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After 40 days in the desert, I decided to just start sexting pics from between my legs. Now start crying, Weiner.

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Another of my late night, ipad art musings. What it lacks in pith it makes up in lack of artistic ability.

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Me at rehearsal today. I know, I look like Mr. Spacely from the Jetsons. Alas.

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Fwd: prisoner cast

My basic thoughts about yesterdays supposed heroic congress.

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