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A Mason with no money, nor connections (Norfolk Newlight #196 PHA) /G\ Baylor/OKC⚡️

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How I'm coming In the kitchen after work at 4

How I'm coming In the kitchen after work at 4

I be the main one talm bout #CountTheCamos and I have packed two pairs for this one 3 day trip smh.

This has the potential to be all time greatest twitpic.. Don't steal my shit --->

Jasmine's 3 course meal..

Look .. Who else ends a conversation with "word" besides good ol Jasmine..

": Ever since I saw that Joseline has a vagina I been feelin her heavy" this did it 4 me

"RT : *Counts 4 y's* hmnnnn RT : Heyyyy booo"

Yo look atcha mans. LMFAO

Kathy gon be there like

"RT : #nowplaying Straight And Nappy by Jigaboos & Wannabees Chorus"

I'm at the DMs like this.....

Aye bruh... Get this Crouse faced dog the fuck outta hea, B...

#LT Think I'm lyin???

I guess lol

only when plain. Fast and Furious when finished.

yea, look at the small pics lol. The earring looks like a beard

Aye , this you bruh?