I Fight Dragons


We're your friendly neighborhood Chiptune-Pop-Rock band. Members:@PackyLundholm, @Prokopow, @BrianMazzaferri, @ChadVanDahm, @HariRao1

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Well, Diva, looks like we need to have a little talk.

This show is gonna look SO RAD

Ustream from Dragon Wagon 3.0 in 10 minutes! advanceguard.ifightdragons.com

Layla printed us a little inspirational poster...

Citadels in the hotel!

Fwd: Bam

And here's the back of the sign...how considerate!

In the crowd at the Chicago show were several Rock Band guitars, a banana man, and this...success!

Holy cool! IFD bead sprites! Thanks Beth and David!

The jukebox in the back of the Eagles Lodge is Central Computer Controlled.

Here's six states and your favorite band.

Our fan Simone made this badass shirt today!

Ok so the venue (AF Ray's in Greeley, CO)has an Off Road cabinet. Flipping out.

Denver crowd pic!

This way we'll know which giant black van and trailer is ours.