Just a Canadian gurl livin' in an American world! TDot-O Baby!!! :) Proud to be me. Guyana Massive!

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For those that may have missed it, allow me to introduce you to my RASTA BANANA...SIR RASTA BAN....

AAAANNNNND......GUESS WHO WON A RASTA BANANA???? ME!!!! Behold the glory that is RASTA BAN ...


Mashed potatoes.....DONE! Also made by yours truly....pls....pls....no applause necessary.... :P

Mac N Cheese....DONE! By yours truly....thank you....thank you :)

Is this as much of a holiday staple for you as it is for me?

Absolutely LOVING my 2 new cameras. The Mini Diana & Flash & the Oktomat. What c'hu know 'bout crank forward & rewind?

Peardrax! The west indian version of sparkling cider....sooooo yummy!!!

Hello beautiful...

Hello gorgeous....

I found these waaaay in the back of a cupboard in my classroom. I find myself fighting the urge to make a mix tape! :P

What's that bad day? Why yes! I think I will have fried mac & cheese with a spiked twisted salted caramel milkshake!

I may live in FL....but I would never, eeeehver ehverrrr do this.....

Walked out my house to this... How great thou are!

I want this SO BAD!!! In my front yard & not in pink. I'm not all girly like that

PSSST!!! I don't think I've ever seen a more PERFECT SHOT GLASS :P Where can I bring it to you ;)

Ever hear of stand up comedian Gina Yashere? Me & friends went to see her for my bday. Im in the dress

This is from the comedy show I went to for my bday. It's me & friends. I'm the one wit the "cleavage"