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Rite here!!!!$

RT : I don't see a pic

This is what you said (Rabie)

RT : Lol what I say? “: preach”

Reality Vs. Fantasy

RT : when u think lik dat ppl starting sayn oh he's crazy

We're all just lookin for that Ric Flair "Aura"

RT : What most lack is a natural glow

RT : yawns lol

RT : I Concur ": 1_800_SCO

The "BX" got to many crooked cops"


This is the story of my Life...

RT : Shoutout to Derrick Rose, man that nigga nice! voice

RT : She's not mine if she's everybody else's.

RT : Once again and "true stories radio" starts a whole lot of beef! #NotCool

RT : Hynaken is hella weird... When he interview people he's extra as fuck!... Lol #TrueStoriesRadio

RT : Is Mr Cee still from Brooklyn...?

Only when I order Chicken Patty & CoCo Bread!!!

RT : mhmm I'm guessing ur Jamaican?

RT : The top feels so much better then the bottom

They call me (Hynaken) prince of all "Haitians" RT : u Haitian?

RT : Can anybody confirm that this Drake guy actually wants to fight?