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Heavenly honeycomb! Golden honeycomb pieces make our 'Crunchie' Cupcake the perfect sugar buzz.

We have whole Pumpkin Pies available to buy in all five London stores today. But hurry, numbers are strictly limited!

With a smooth hazelnut nougat centre, we're nuts about today's chocolate bar inspired 'Topic' Cupcake!

Seasonal delights! Hand decorated Thanksgiving Cupcakes are in stores until 22nd November.

With luxurious coconut frosting, the 'Bounty' Cupcake is one tasty coconut we've managed to crack!

Don't be a turkey - special edition Thanksgiving Cupcakes are in stores until 22nd November!

Craving chocolate sponge and golden honeycomb pieces? You've got a case of the 'Crunchie' Cupcake munchies!

The 'Snickers' Cupcake, with a peanut butter and caramel centre topped with salted peanuts, is nutterly good!

The tuck shop is open! Peel back the wrapper and tuck into a peanut and raisin 'Picnic' Cupcake treat.

POW! There's no mistaking the chocolate hit of the cocoa n' caramel 'Boost' Cupcake with biscuit pieces.

Fresh baked chocolate sponge with a gooey hazelnut nougat centre - today's 'Topic' Cupcake is our top pick!

With a caramel nougat centre and malted crispies - the 'Double Decker' Cupcake is chockablock with yumminess!

Be gone winter blues! It's blue skies and sunshine with the coconut frosting topped 'Bounty' Cupcake.

The honeycomb-topped 'Crunchie' Cupcake Daily Special is sweet like honey. The perfect sugar buzz!

Creamy peanut butter and a luscious caramel centre? Go nuts for the limited edition 'Snickers' Cupcake!

When it comes to chocolate, our peanut and raisin packed 'Picnic' Cupcake is raisin' the bar!

Fireworks Cupcake Safety Rule 1: Do not return to the wrapper once cupcake has been eaten!

Our desert island essentials? Chocolate sponge, coconut frosting & 'Bounty' for our 'Bounty' Cupcake!

It's not rocket science - our Fireworks Cupcakes in stores now are the perfect Bonfire Night goodies!

The chocolatey 'Crunchie' Cupcake Daily Special is honeycomb happiness with every bite!