pimp my guide dog


Turns out that stripping naked & banging your willy off pringles boxes in an overly aggressive manner is not socially acceptable behaviour

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Today I've been mainly confusing myself in here

Get your own, you big orange idiot

Got a bit bored, so drew a picture of a slightly concerned bin.

My hold world has been turned upside down...apparently the yellow one is also a cucumber

to show the plant man that I know what he is up too, I selotaped this photo of me to the big plant..look i'm angry

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because i said i would.....this is me........i am the one in the hat

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I took this from near me

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This is my new girlfriend......she lets me touch her pelvis with my finger......tonight I am making her soup

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This is a cauliflower doing an impression of a sea lion.

This is a cauliflower doing an impression of a sea lion.

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the book man is back....he is trying to hide but I can see him.......don't act all nonchalant you sock thief

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It doesn't really come across in the photo but I am sure Jesus is firing a laser at my face through the window !

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I like the yellow haired lady from the telebox. Here she has a chiabatta on her shoulder. Look how posh she is

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The hundreds of Ibuprofen I have eaten this week have made me angry. I drew a face on a stress toy to convey anger

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